John Scieszka'a Trucktown Parents' Area Jack Truck
Construction Zone
Interactive Excerpt    

Click here for Interactive ExcerptSmash!Crash! Interactive Excerpt
Experience the bestselling Smash! Crash in an all-new way, complete with Jon Scieszka as your tour guide. This eight-page excerpt features video, sound effects, activities, and much more!
Trucktown Games    

Smash 'n' MatchSmash 'n' Match
Flip the tiles to find your Trucktown pals!
Click to play Melvin's Road RideRoad Ride
Help Melvin pave a new road for Trucktown!
Trucktown Activities    


Create your own scenes using your favorite characters!
  License to ReadLicense to Read
Print out a license with your name and your favorite truck!

Click to play Color WashColor Wash
Help Jack Truck and Dump Truck Dan get their colors back!
Trucktown BingoTrucktown Bingo
A Trucktown version of Bingo for long car trips, where objects that can be seen while driving make up the squares.

Story MashStory Mash
Players take turns saying a word or sentence or a couple of sentences, in round robin style. The words build together to make an entertaining story. This can get really silly and fun. Give it a try!
Objects on the RoadObjects on the Road!
Look at the objects and try to find ten of them as you travel in the car. Each time you see one, place an “X” in the box given. The first person to find ten of each wins!

To The RescueTo The Rescue!
Who’s that next to Hook and Ladder Lucy? Connect the dots to find out!
Melvin's Mixer MazeMelvin's Mixer Maze
Melvin’s worried about finding his way to the Construction site. Help him get there!

Hide-and-Seek TruckHide-and-Seek Truck
Grader Kat is hiding! Color by number to find out where she is.