John Scieszka'a Trucktown
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One million books soldWelcome to Jon Scieszka’s Trucktown!
A brand new preschool/kindergarten series that will come in more shapes, sizes, and formats than you can shake a bumper at! This rough and tumble, high octane, boisterous series has the very best that children’s books have to offer under its hood—enormous kid appeal with a strong literary core!

Meet the Trucktown Gang!
Jack Truck Jack Truck
Jack is a prankster action hero! He is active, rowdy, messy, loud and goofy. He is the fastest truck and the best-at-truck-sports truck. Jack's work is to play. And he plays, and plays, and plays, and plays.
Dan Dump Truck Dan
Dan is Jack Truck’s best friend. He is one strong truck and loves to show off that strength, whether its pushing rocks, loading up dirt, or getting into trouble with Jack.


Payloader Pete
Pete is Dan’s brother, and he is loud, rough, tough and competitive! But he’s also the most loyal friend a truck could have. As he puts it “I would take a punch in the grill for those guys.”


Cement Mixer Melvin
“I’m worried!” and “I don’t want to” are two of Melvin’s favorite phrases. He is a loveable worrier, which is good because he LOVES to worry.


Gabriella Gabriella Garbage Truck
Gabriella knows everyone and everything. She’s a social butterfly and maybe bit of a know-it-all, but still a blast to have around. She can always talk about what’s going on! And talk… and talk… and…

Monster Truck Max
Max is everything you would expect a monster truck to be. Especially ACTIVE! He is oversized, jacked up, and nitro-boosted to the MAX! He’s always getting his wild self into trouble and it’s a good thing he’s got good friends like Jack and Dan to help him along the way.


Grader Kat
Sensitive, creative, and mature, Grader Kat is the most artistic truck around. Don’t believe it? Check out her tire treads! Her creative ideas and experimental nature make her a great addition to any adventure.


Wrecker Rosie
Rosie is big. Rosie is a wrecker. Rosie is a great big wrecker sweet and clumsy and who lives to bounce about wrecking things. But beneath all that noise and wreckage there is also a very big heart.

Ted Tow Truck Ted
Tow Truck Ted is smart – really smart. He knows more about truck mechanics, repair, history, and even truck mythology than anybody else. But watch out, he’s also got a sly side and he’s always got a plan.
Izzy Izzy Ice Cream Truck
Izzy is an ice cream truck. He sells ice cream and only ice cream. And he says only one thing – “Do you want ice cream? Do you want ice cream? Do you want ice cream?”
Pat and Lucy Hook and Ladder Lucy and Pumper Pat
These fire truck twins are responsible, do-gooder citizens. Practically always together, they love doing things the right way. Lucy thinks they are being responsible. Jack and Dan think they’re a little bossy.
Big Rig Big Rig
Big Rig is a bully. He’s a tailgating, horn blasting, black exhaust spewing, license expired, outlaw. And those might be the nicest things you could say about him. The best thing to do with this guy is steer clear.

Rescue Rita
Rita is Lucy and Pat’s little sister. And the biggest tag-a-long… She just wants to join in on all.